about me

about me

about me


is a 3D Artist &

Motion Designer

who blends

form, type, and

movement to

craft captivating


Specializing in 2D and 3D visual design, blending typography and abstract, algorithm-based forms to create dynamic animations. With a deep sense for shape, composition, and lighting creates unique frames with bold design and strong sense of color.
Experimenting with various kinetic typography styles, infusing letterforms with character and pushing the bounds on visual communication across a variety of design fields.
Based in Oregon, working globally.

Available for collaborations and freelance projects.
Get in touch here: hello@brandonfretwell.com


ᗒ Demo Festival
ᗒ The Do Lab

Selected Clients:

ᗒ Twins
ᗒ Motorola
ᗒ Yuga Labs
ᗒ Intel
ᗒ Lightning in a Bottle
ᗒ Will Clarke
ᗒ Walker & Royce

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